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1st Time Home Buyer
April 2018

Brenda Armitage was referred to me by my friend (who also chose Brenda as her real estate agent). When I contacted Brenda, I was not in a rush to buy a house. I just wanted to see what’s on the market at that moment.

Brenda gave me a good advice. She told me that the home values and interest rates are expected to go up in 2018. She was right. Sure enough, interest rates went up almost half percent right after we closed. She definitely knows her job, the market, and the economy. 

I thought that it would take me months to find a home, but it took us only 2 months to find a place that I bought. As soon as my place appeared on the market and I decided to make an offer, Brenda was able to act quickly and negotiate everything. 

What’s most important is that Brenda cares about her clients as they are her family. She will do her best to make her clients happy and satisfied with their purchases or sales. I would definitely recommend Brenda to my friends and I already have done it. 

Even after we closed a deal, we still keep in touch with Brenda and remain good friends. Thanks to Brenda for helping me to buy my first home.

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